Dear guests an friends of the “Augusters Lodge” the former budget hostel of Macao

We are still receiving emails and phone calls from budget travelers all over the world, who like(d) to enjoy an affordable stay at our hostel due to our well known reputation.

But as a new law(heavily promoted and pushed by the powerful hotel lobby) had been implemented, we could not meet all the requirements, and were forced to close, just as 279 other small hostels in Macao.

For this reason, and the lack of affordable accommodation in Macao, we recommend following steps:

1. Instead of staying overnight in Macao, stay in Hongkong, which is safer and cheaper. Especially when you travel with your family, this is by far the better option.

2. If you wish to visit Macao, please keep in mind, that over the last years, the local colour of Macau has changed. Actually due to the lack of budget travelers, not visiting Macao anymore, a lot of small businesses closed, and the once colonial flair is almost gone.

3. Take the ferry service from Hongkong to Macau, it runs almost rock around the clock. Spend your day in Macao and return with the ferry.

4. We understand, that it might be frustrating not to be able to find a budget accommodation in Macao, but if you want to be ripped off by the expensive hotels and their connected casinos, you are free to do so.

5. All others are better off to look for an affordable place in Hongkong. Look at tripadvisor i.e.

Thank you for your consideration and bon voyage

Your Augusters team